Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic implant is a medical device which is surgically placed into the body designed to restore function by replacing or reinforcing a damaged structure. Orthopedic implants such as plate, screws, and prostheses are used in spinal fusion surgery and fixation of fractured bone segments, as well as implant components that are used for hip and joint replacement. The material used in orthopedic implants must be biocompatible, wear resistance, corrosion proof. The major risks of medical implants include surgical risks which occurs during placement or removal, infection, and implant failure.  Some people also have reactions to the materials which are used in implants.

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  • Track 1-1 Types of Orthopedic Implants
  • Track 2-2 Advances Technologies in Orthopedic implants
  • Track 3-3 Orthopedic Implant infections

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