Genetic Diseases of Connective Tissues

A sizable group of hereditary illnesses with such a considerable of genetic and clinical variety are HCTD. These diseases are typically brought on by errors in the genes that produce the main proteins that make up connective tissue, like collagen and elastin. Some of these ailments alter the way this matrix functions, the shape of the body, or both. The term "HCTD" refers to more than 200 different conditions. The most well-known HCTDs include osteogenesis imperfecta, Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, and Marfan and associated disorders. There are numerous categories and sub-groups for each of these syndromes. These diseases frequently share symptoms and treatments. Newer varieties of HCTDs are being found as genetic technologies progress. The body's connective tissue is the most prevalent and plentiful main tissue.

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